Cindy Bireley

Cindy Bireley

I was fortunate enough to grow up around two grandmothers that quilted…I remember vividly watching them hand stitch and wanting them to show me how to do it. I never did get “lessons” from them, but they planted a desire in my heart that I kept with me until I finally had the opportunity to join a quilt group, many years later, and start my learning and growing as a quilter.

My grandmother made me a baby quilt, hand stitched, for our first born. That is one of my most cherished possessions. I used it for all three of my kids and still have it hanging on my quilt rack today. I think because of that, and how much I loved it, my favorite gift to give new moms and grandmoms, is a quilt! When my niece was born, my grandmother was not able to sew anymore and I decided then, it was time to learn, so I could pass that on to her! At the time I thought “this may be my first and last! but I’m going to finish it!” Well, it wasn’t my last and I have made many baby, lap, and twin quilts since!

Through quilting, I have made and connected with some awesome friends. I am in a quilt group that supports me and teaches me all the time! I enjoy sharing my love of quilting with others and passing along my enthusiasm.

Rozelle Y. Amick

Rozelle Y. Amick

Although I was taught the quilting basics by my mother and grandmother, I did not embrace it is a serious hobby until we moved to Southern California when Grover began work with Lockheed in 1981. There I found that I seemed to have a natural aptitude for visualizing patterns and color combinations and thus began what was to be over twenty years of intense quilt-making.

Through my husband’s transfers to various portions of the country including Texas, New Jersey and New Hampshire, I broadened my knowledge of the quilt-making art through people, clubs and shops, and generally immersed myself in local quilt clubs and projects. When necessary, I helped form quilt guilds where there were none, and began quilt service projects such as monthly quilt hangings in the Marble Falls, Texas Library, where it continues to this day.

After our retirements, we moved back to my hometown of Culpeper, VA, building on a portion of the family’s farm. Somewhere along the way I became involved with the “Little Quilt Shop” in Madison and have continued my involvement with the shop to this day.

Over the years I have made hundreds of quilts of all sizes, church banners, wall hangings, table runners and the like.  The most recent service project is providing lap quilts for the elderly of Smyth County, Virginia.  My hobby has proved to be a rewarding adventure for me and no end is in sight.

Paper Piecing

What is Paper Piecing?

English Paper Piecing is a quilting technique that uses paper templates as fabric stabilizers to ensure accuracy when hand sewing complex angles together, such as the hexagon shapes found in a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. (more…)