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DSC_0125Yesterday I wrote a blog post, but for some reason I lost it.  Probably because I did not hit the save button.  As you know,  this is still new to me. Argggg.  Let me try to recall it.

So yesterday Ken and I set out to get our 10,000 steps in and headed to the nearest grocery store to drop off our four bags of bottles to recycle.  Recycling is huge here.  I love that!

It’s a bit of short walk so I said,  “Hey honey. Would you like to go get a cup of tea and a latte?” To my surprise he said yes.  The coffee shop was in the opposite direction.  He said we could drop off the bags on the way.  Great idea.

When I first opened 145 almost 10 years ago, we made bags with the packing paper that was used in our receiving inventory.  We received mostly good comments about the bags, but for some reason I remember the negative ones.  I hate ordering bags.  It seems like a waste of money because they get thrown away and end up in a landfill somewhere.  In England a law was passed in October 2015 that requires all stores to charge for new bags.  What a great law.  It really makes you think and prepare for your purchasing habits.

So off to the cafe.  Drop off the bags.  Have a nice little stroll.  The tea and latte we rated maybe a 4 out of 10.  It happened to be in a rest stop area so there was a mini grocery store .  Ken picked up some cold cuts to make a sandwich to take to work. Guess what? No bag.

Since he had to pay 5 pence for this bag, we walked over to the next little shop so he could get a Fanta to go in his new bag. I was enticed by the magazine rack.  Not one, two or three magazines, but four magazines later, we finally checked out.  After all, we had a bag.  Each magazine was justified.  Two were gifts,  one was about upcycling and the other one was a sewing magazine that had faux-leather fabric with a pattern to make a…you guessed it, a bag.

I would love to encourage people to bring along a bag when they shop.  Not so you can get a discount,  but to be a conscience consumer. Not to mention, it saves the store a few pennies and we are not adding to the landfill.

We had a great bag kit that our one-and-only Rozelle shared with us. I’m not sure if we still have any of the kits available. If not, I’m sure we can get one put together for you.

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