The 3 Veggie Challenge


What do these inspire you to do?  Digitize, applique, paint or…   They make me smile.

Can you believe it is the last day of the year?

Well, I did say,” I would try to start blogging”.

Why not on my website?

So, please forgive my grammar.  It was once pointed out to me, it is a gift to see the mistakes in writing like it is a gift to merchandise something well.   I applaud you all !  Some of this will be of course related to the shoppe, but some a bit more personal, day to day stuff while living in England with my husband Ken of 27 years, who has the gift of technical writing.

Under creative customers, I have added my daughter Natalie’s new website!!  Obviously, she has a gift. Like most parents, I’m so proud of my children.

My son John, has a gift of making people smile.  You can see him working next door to our new location, at 122A, at It’s About Thyme or perhaps The Copper Fish.  Stop in and tell him Hi for me.

New winter shoppe hours are posted.  We will be closed the 1st thru the 4th for the ladies to take a break.  We will reopen Tuesday the 5th from 10-5.

Remember, you can always email me;

Cheers & Blessings

Noreen Smith

10 thoughts on “The 3 Veggie Challenge

  1. Bonnie Sharpe

    The 3 veggies make me smile and then I noticed that two are looking skyward and one is looking down. Lucky they are together to manage the big jump ahead of them into the new year.

    Love your beginnings of a blog. Keep going! It will be fun and JOY, which is my theme for 2016 – Find the JOY in life.

    Happy New Year Noreen, and best wishes to your wonderful husband Ken, your loving and lovely children, your sister and all the great staff keeping the store running so well!


    1. NoreenSmith Post author

      Thank You Bonnie! Your the first to comment. Your choice of a free fat Quarter!
      I like that theme you have for 2016- Find the JOY in life.

  2. Renee OROURKE

    Your always so cheerful, I hope you and Ken have a wonderful new year, I’m glad your starting a blog , oh more things to do. . I love you both, thanks bonnie.?? Happy New Year! !!

  3. Carol Kidwell

    They make me laugh and think about my New Year’s resolution to eat healthy. Would make an adorable kitchen quilted wall hanging, if someone was talented enough to make the pattern. Happy New Year!

  4. Judy lynch

    Happy new year Noreen and your family. It is good to hear about you on your blog, I was really surprised to hear you have moved to England. That is farther than Tennessee and I thought this place was too far from the shop. I will now keep in touch even if I do not get to Culpeper anymore.

  5. Anna Justice

    Noreen — Happy New Year!!!!!! May 2016 bring you and your Family, Good Health, Prosperity and loads of Fun.

    I look forward to reading your Blog and seeing you in the New Year.

    Anna Justice

  6. Wendy Collyer

    Happy New Year! Looks like one veggie sandwiched between two fruits. My kind of sandwich. Seems they are barely hanging together. Kinda like I am at the beginning of this year and not knowing where to start what first. Just will look forward and carry on.

  7. Kathy Arceneaux

    Happy New Year to All!! Noreen, I am enjoying my new 880 soooooo much! It sure is fun and challenging at the same time. Wishing all a prosperous New Year! See you when you get back.

  8. Helen Smith

    Hi from across the pond! Just finished the shop’s quilt the other day – boy has it been a busy holiday season. Have a wonderful time in England and Happy New Year!

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