It’s a Small World


I bought this piece of fabric, because I have a sister-in-law who lives in Switzerland and loves onion rings. Every time she goes to the States she has to order them at least once while we are at the restaurant. They do have onion rings in Switzerland but they’re just not the same. So I thought I’d make her something. Perhaps a pot holder… Then I thought it would be great to line a basket to thank her for her hospitality over Thanksgiving. Nothing fancy. Now that I have the fabric, do something with it. First things first. Always cut the selvedge/selvage and save it for another project. Don’t have your mat out or your rotary cutter? Snip, tear and iron . Now just finish the edge with a quarter-inch hem.
Oh, did I tell you? I brought a machine to England and when I got here realized there was no cord. My handy husband has a converter/transformer for some of the things we brought, like our Cuisinart, so we can use them here in England. He gave our KitchenAide mixer to our daughter but, when we got here, found out how much they cost and was a bit surprised (they are more here than in the States). At least it went to a good home. I really don’t need to be baking anyway. Back to the missing cord…
I guess now I’ll have to go to the nearest Bernina store. But that’s alright as I need to get my 10,000 steps (FitBit) in. It’s about an hour walk. I could take the bus, it’s just a block away, but no, I need to walk. First, I’ll call them to see if they have one in stock. If not, they may need to order one. Wow! They open at 9:00. Just a 20-minute wait before I can call. Yay! They have one in stock and I’m on my way after I grab a bite to eat. Kellogg’s special K… same package, but not the same taste.

That was this morning.  It is now 4:00 pm and I’m getting ready to sew.

Well, the cord I got does not look the same and I didn’t notice it until I got home.  Plugged it in and only half the screen shows. Double checked with Ron, our tech, to make sure it was OK to use.  I can’t see the whole screen, but at this point it will sew. I have to finish before I go to bed. The Bernina dealer told me they would exchange it for something else.

Jumping back to my morning stroll…

Something interesting happened to me after visiting the Bernina store.  I went to have a latte at Drake’s Coffee Shop so I could look at my quilt magazine that I had to have along with the cord. While I was sipping away, I remembered that there is a shop called “Inspirations” near the central
train station.  After finishing my 2 pound 20 pence latte I headed out once again. My FitBit buzzed on my wrist meaning I got my 10,000 steps. Yay!

If you know me a little, I like to talk to people about what they are making.  There was a girl in line buying buttons and I said: “Oh! What are you going to do with them?”  She said: “I’m making a Christmas gift for someone special.”  She heard that I was from Culpeper and asked if I sold Bernina’s. I said yes. “You have a coffee shop down the street?”, she asked.  I responded, “Yes. Have you been in my shop?” She answered: “Yes, and I probably bought something in your store.” Can you believe what a small world it is?

Blessings and Cheers!




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