Jill Storey

My mom taught me how to make a quilt when I was ten years old. I tucked that knowledge away for fourteen years until I was expecting my first baby, when I brought it back out to make his first baby quilt. While I was at home during the day with my baby George, I took up sewing and drawing again during his naptimes. Shortly after that, I opened an etsy shop and named it after my Georgie pie, who was my inspiration and motivation.

Now, over five years later, George has four younger brothers, and I don’t have nearly as much time on my hands as I used to. But I still find it an essential part of life. I’m grateful to have 145 Art & Design to help me with that. And just as I asked my mom all those years ago to teach me to sew, I’m excited to pass along what I’ve learned to others who have that same urge to create something they can call their own.