Moving Forward

The problem with starting something new is… I have to do it on a regular basis or I forget how to do it…. then I let the aggravation set in… I waited too long to write my next blog…what was I going to say and how did I do that?

Office work on the computer, always at the end of year, comes and the frustration builds up.  It is only done once a year.  Now, where do I start?

Exercise:  When?

It’s raining again……..

So for now, I’ll move ahead…grab an orange, be thankful for the day, take a walk in the rain.

Thank you Wendy for posting your comment.  Moving forward …. I grabbed an orange, then chomped on a carrot and  followed it with a banana. Who said it was a veggie challenge?  It was a fruit and veggie challenge. Ha! (Thank you Carol, for putting the thought in my head of eating healthy)

Now, how do I enter it in my fitbit? Argh…………

That was this morning.  I enjoyed my walk.  The sun came out!!!  I went out to the garden for which I’m so grateful, but at the same time, frustration sets in…Where do I start?

I’ve created a lot of needless stress today and it’s just the 3rd of January.

Moving forward.   Finding the Joy!

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